George Michalczyk


George and Rita Michalczyk

George and Rita Michalczyk

Originally famed for his footballing prowess as a gifted centre player for the East Perth and then West Perth Football Clubs, George can now claim to be one of the best-known figures in the West Australian travel industry.

His travel career started in the early 1970s at Westpac’s travel department and, finding he loved the travel industry, George soon moved on to work at and then own Travel Time International.

The already established Motive Group won him over in 1987, in the heyday of the America’s Cup, and George took ownership of the company in 1989.

George has since done an incredible job in taking Motive Travel from strength to strength.  He loves the travel game and is our key player when it comes to establishing new business and tour group opportunities.

Aside from travel, George also loves playing golf with his wife, Rita, and has four sons, Glenn, Daniel, Nick and Ryan and two grandchildren, Aalia and Matthew.

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