Backpacker Medics – Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre Opening

As you may know, Backpacker Medics is an organisation we’ve taken to heart for the wonderful work they do in getting medical care to those who need it most.

Earlier this year, we participated in their Organised Chaos event along with many others to help raise funds for the opening of the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre in Kerasawara village, Nepal.

We are thrilled to report that the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre is now open, ready to provide medical care to people who would otherwise go without, even when desperately needed.

Well done to Backpacker Medics and all those involved!

Thank you to Backpacker Medics for providing photos of grateful recipients of health care packs, towards which we provided the humble bag to place them in.  A small token but one we were so happy to have made.

May the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre be blessed with many, many years of helping those in need!



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