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The Importance of Travel Insurance

I know I go on a bit about the importance of travel insurance but, being a travel agent, I’ve seen so many instances where good travel insurance has helped get my clients out of some difficult situations.  And no, this is not a hard sell, this is a genuine request for you to give your travel insurance requirements serious consideration next time you travel.

Firstly, you might think that you have things covered through your credit card’s ‘free’ travel insurance offering but please check the following before you travel:

  • What is the activation requirement for the ‘free’ travel insurance?
  • If you change your plans while you’re away, are you still covered?
  • What is the level of cover – minimal or comprehensive?
  • Can you get a copy of the policy wording?
  • Can you get a policy number and phone contact for overseas emergencies?
  • Are preexisting medical conditions covered?
  • Is your family covered in the same policy?

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

I read a timely article in travel publication ‘Traveltalk’ today on the shortcomings of free travel insurance – have a look at it here.

Travel Insurance Guide

If you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a travel insurance policy, be sure to do your homework to get the best value policy for your requirements.  Have a look at Smartraveller’s guide to travel insurance here; there’s a link to a CHOICE travel insurance buying guide and a cheat sheet with essential information.

Remember, we’re here to give you travel insurance advice as well so give us a call if you’d like us to do the work for you!  Or get a quote online with us now if you have the time.

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George Michalczyk Travel Insurance Tips



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