Virgin Australia Perth Airport Update

As this website post is still quite a popular one, we thought we should add a note to please check the latest Perth Airport terminal information directly with the airline you’re flying out of Perth with as changes may occur.

CLICK HERE for Virgin Australia’s current Perth Airport guide.


If you’ve recently taken a drive to Perth Airport, you may well have been amazed and a bit confused at the transformation taking place!  We at Motive think that a mighty fine job is being done to improve the air travel experience for those arriving into and departing from Perth Airport and look forward to further enhancements and developments taking shape.

A very important update for travellers is that, effective 22 November 2015, Virgin Australia will open its new T1 Domestic Terminal which will service all Virgin Australia flights that previously operated from T3.  Therefore, from 22 November 2015 onwards, Virgin Australia flights will operate from either Terminals 1 or 2, Horrie Miller Drive.

Have a look at an updated Perth Airport map, effective from 22 November 2015, here.

Perth Airport Which Terminal Map Effective 22 Nov 2015

Please feel free to give us a call if you need any further clarification on the above, or on anything else travel related for that matter!

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