Without A Travel Agent You’re On Your Own

Without a travel agent you’re on your own.  This is a statement we believe in and have often used because, as travel agents, we know that sometimes the best laid holiday plans can go wrong through no fault of the person who booked them.  Often called upon from afar to fix plans gone awry, we are only too happy to help get things back on track again.  Why?  Because we care for our clients, we love what we do and we believe in our work.

In an age of faceless internet bookings, we are proud that we still offer a personalised service in our capacity as a bricks and mortar travel agency with an ocean of experience to help clients out of a fix.  Richie Longson, our General Manager who doubles as a fabulous Senior Travel Consultant, did just this recently and was lauded by his valued client for it.  Read the client’s story here.

Good on you Richie!  Reinforces our faith in what we do.




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