3 awesome facts about the Dubai World Cup

If you’ve been following the Motive Travel blog in recent months, you’ll know that we’ve got something of a passion for horse racing. Whether it’s the Royal Ascot or the Hong Kong International Races, if it’s got horses running, Motive Travel can take you there.

The Dubai World Cup is one that we’re especially looking forward to, and next March, we will be heading out to the golden sands of this futuristic city. We’d love to take you with us – take a look at what we’re doing in 2016 for a little taster. To get you even more in the mood for the festivities, have a read of these three interesting facts about the richest horse race of all.

Whether it’s the Royal Ascot or the Hong Kong International Races, if it’s got horses running, Motive Travel can take you there.

That’s a record

Only the very fastest of horses earn the right to compete at the Dubai World Cup, so it takes a pretty special example to hold the course record. In African Story, a British thoroughbred, we got exactly that. The slinky speedster powered across the line in a zippy 2:01.61 in 2014, a course record.

African Story returned to defend the title in 2015 but surrendered it to Prince Bishop. However, the record remained intact, and it will take a very special horse to beat it any time soon.

The Gambler

It’s no secret that Dubai is a nation positively overflowing with cash. That’s part of the reason why the Dubai World Cup is known as ‘the world’s richest horse race’, with over $10 million changing hands over the course of that two minutes.

You may imagine that such an event, drowning in cold, hard cash, would be akin to some Vegas-like gambling Mecca, but that isn’t quite the case. Gambling is actually illegal in the United Arab Emirates, meaning that bets have to be placed online before entering the state. Unlike most other race tracks around the world, there are no bookmakers onsite in Dubai.

An international flavour

Dubai is home to a great many nationalities attracted to its wealth and year-round sun, so it is perhaps fitting that during the 20-year history of the race, it has been won by horses of no less than six countries of origin. The United States was first out the blocks when Cigar won the inaugural race (see the video below), followed by the racing powerhouses of Ireland and Great Britain. Argentina, Brazil and Japan make up the remaining places – will 2016 add a seventh?

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