Chris Isaak set to rock the Leeuwin Estate 2016

One of the most exciting, yet tantalising parts of looking forward to a music festival is never being quite sure who is going to be taking to the stage in the run up to the event itself. Perhaps the most famous music festivals of all – Glastonbury – makes a point of keeping its headliners secret until a few weeks before the event, and has done so ever since the inaugural event in 1970.

The Leeuwin Estate Concert still does a pretty good job of keeping its star attraction under wraps.

Today, revellers purchase their tickets to that event without the foggiest idea who might be headlining. Indeed, all of the 135,000 tickets available for the 2016 shindig sold out within half an hour, and the festival doesn’t even take place until June, with not so much as a sniff of who the headliners may be.

Who is headlining the Leeuwin Estate Concert in 2016?

Though it isn’t quite on the same scale as the legendary British festival, the Leeuwin Estate Concert still does a pretty good job of keeping its star attraction under wraps. Even we at Motive Travel, who have long arranged tour packages to the event, couldn’t get a clue out of the organisers, so we’ve been as keen as anyone to find out just who it might be.

At long last, though, the wait is over. The moment that we have all been waiting for is finally here, and we’re pleased to announce that (drum roll please) none other than the great Chris Isaak will be returning to Margaret River to serenade us all with his velvety tones and world-famous ditties to get our toes tapping.

It’s Chris Isaak!

Chris Isaak first played the Leeuwin Estate Concert in 2009, wowing the crowds with such hits as ‘Somebody’s Crying’, ‘Baby Did A Bad Thing’ and his biggest smash of all, ‘Wicked Game.’ Mr Isaak is especially popular in the land Down Under – he’s sold more than 1 million albums here, according to Leeuwin Estate themselves, with eleven of them breaking the ARIA Top 20. He also played at the 2015 AFL Grand Final, so if you’re a regular Motive Traveller, you may even have the opportunity to see the star twice in quick succession!

As Western Australia’s leading travel agency, we’ve organised some great packages if you’re looking for a spell of wine, music and friendship under the stars at the Leeuwin Estate. We have a limited number of concert packages available for this year’s event, so be quick to get your place on the lawn with your picnic rug. It’s a concert that music fans won’t want to miss!



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