George’s Weekly Travel Tip

Travel is a wonderful thing but with travel planning comes a lot of responsibility!  Being in the travel planning game, I often come across important information that I’d like to share with my valued clients and friends so I figured, what better place to share this information on than the Motive Travel website!  And the first tip of the week is…

The Importance of Correct Passenger Names

I can’t tell you how important it is to correctly advise your full name as per your passport when making a booking.  Security at all entry points around the world is getting tighter, with more stringent and thorough checks occurring regularly.  When making a booking with us, please ensure you send a copy of your passport through to ensure all names, including middle names, are entered correctly.  When making a booking yourself online, (on our website of course ☺️), please ensure you enter your full name details including all middle names as they appear in your passport.  I can’t tell you how important this is!

Cheers for now,


George Michalczyk Travel Tip 16Aug17




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