Give the perfect gift with Motive Travel vouchers

‘Oh, the weather outside is frightful…’

The writers of the memorable opening line to classic Christmas song ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!’ must never have been to Australia, because when we look outside our windows during December, all we see is glorious sunshine, with a slight wind and the odd fluffy cloud thrown in for good measure.

The good folk of Western Australia are planning to spend, on average, AU$435 on gifts this year.

According to Tourism Australia, the mean daytime temperature in Perth hovers around the 28.9 degrees Celsius mark, meaning that snow would have a pretty hard time falling here. Indeed, flakes haven’t been seen in Perth since the great snows of 1956, and even that was a freak occurrence – snow melted upon touching the ground, and only upon two other occasions has the white stuff been seen in the city.

Christmas cracker

Even so, that song reminds us the spirit of Christmas, and what it means to everyone. Meeting up with old friends and family members that you haven’t seen for months, or even years, gathering to eat, drink and be merry, the exchanging of presents… the list goes on and on.

According to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the good folk of Western Australia are planning to spend, on average, AU$435 on gifts this year. Only New South Wales residents are planning to spend more, at $548.

Give the perfect gift with Motive Travel.Give the perfect gift with Motive Travel.

However, even with all that money we’re looking to spend on gifts for our loved ones, the yearly struggle of just knowing what to buy for certain people can be as stressful as navigating the Christmas shopping crowds. Do you go for that new aftershave (what if they don’t like the smell?) or the tried-and-trusted (if boring) pair of socks?

Motive Travel will vouch for you

Luckily, Motive Travel have the perfect presents, designed for the traveller in your life. Our gift travel vouchers prove immensely popular every Yuletide period, and it’s completely up to you how much credit you’d like to put on them. What’s more, they can be used up to a year from their date of issue, meaning that the lucky recipient will have plenty of time to decide how and when he or she would like to use them.  We can even design custom gift vouchers for you.

So, whether the person you’re buying for is a music fan (the Leeuwin Estate Concert in 2016 is a must) or prefers the pounding of hooves on hallowed turf (what a trip to the Kentucky Derby 2016 would be) you know that with gift vouchers from Motive Travel, you’re giving one of the most exciting, versatile presents out there!

Still no sign of snow, though.



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