Important Changes to Business Hours

Effective 3 April 2020, our business hours are changing.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you as a valued client for your ongoing support, particularly in the past few weeks as each of us navigate the constantly changing landscape caused by COVID-19 and assure you that we are here to assist and advise you on your travel options.

Currently the ability to travel is severely restricted and we are endeavouring to monitor all government advice as well as notifications from airlines, tour operators and cruise lines regarding changes that will impact your travel plans.

The travel industry is particularly impacted and whilst the scale and speed of this epidemic is unprecedented, we have weathered other challenges being natural, economic, local or global in the past and we are taking the learnings from those to navigate our way through this together to the other side.

We want to reassure you that Motive Travel have taken measures to ensure business continuity throughout this crisis and have reviewed our costs, discretionary spending and working arrangements to protect our business during the downturn and ensure that we are prepared for the inevitable rebound to travel once this crisis is over.

The major change to our business is that effective this Friday 3rd April, my staff will be working on limited days with reduced hours until further notice.

This means that there will always be someone in the office on any given business day (subject to Government stipulations) – but not all staff, every day.

Your emails/calls may not be answered as quickly as we would usually answer them.  We really appreciate your understanding with this.

The hours our staff will be in the office are between 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

I am forever grateful to all of my staff for their cooperation and understanding to adjust their circumstances to assist me to work through this very challenging time.

Should you have pending refunds, we wish to assure you that these will continue to be processed once we receive your funds from our suppliers.  However please be patient as these are taking much longer than normal to be received.

If you have any questions or concerns with existing bookings or any future enquiries, our preferred method of communication at this time is via email so we can work through your enquiries systematically.

However, in cases of emergency only, I will be accessible by phone, so please call me on 0418-920-627.

Yours sincerely,

George Michalczyk

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