Last chance to get tickets for the Leeuwin Estate Concert: buy now to avoid FOMO

For the more seasoned Motive Traveller, the first part of the title of this article makes good sense. For one glorious weekend in February, in a small corner of West Australia, Chris Isaak is set to rock out the Leeuwin Estate winery for the second time. A man in popular demand, tickets to the event are selling like proverbial hot cakes and thus, only a meagre handful are left.

The second part of the title? Well, your humble writer overheard his colleague say it, and upon gentle questioning so as not to appear even less cool than he really is, found out that it’s an acronym for ‘fear of missing out.’ FOMO. Makes perfect sense.

Chris Isaak is set to rock out the Leeuwin Estate winery for the second time.

The dark details of FOMO 

So what is FOMO? Well, according to online dictionary Internet Slang, the definition of FOMO refers to the anxiety that arises through missing a once-in-a-lifetime event or exciting opportunity happening somewhere else, and this phenomenon continues to rise – especially with the relentless march of social media.

An article published by the Washington Post states that the growth of FOMO is linked to social media, in that sufferers may feel sad if they see pictures of their friends at a party they weren’t invited to, or realise that they’re missing an event they had every intention of attending, but never did.

Don’t MO on the Leeuwin Estate Concert

Now, imagine that all your friends are off to the Leeuwin Estate Concert in February. They’ll be in good company – in the 31 years that the winery has hosted the event, the concert has attracted thousands upon thousands of revellers from all over the world.

In 2009, the last time that Chris Isaak was named the headline act, some 6,000 music and wine lovers turned up, making for an unrivalled atmosphere as he wowed the crowds with his wicked game. Over the course of that concert, around 7,500 bottles of vino were consumed – now that’s a lot of good-quality Australian grapes!

This year, though, you decided against it. Why? Have you got something against the great Chris Isaak? If so, that’s okay – music taste is subjective, after all. So is wine, but you don’t have to imbibe. What you will be missing out on, though, is a glorious chance to cut loose with your family and friends in beautiful surroundings, watching the sun go down behind the vineyards in the company of your loved ones, with good music and wine at every turn. Now that’s something that you really could get FOMO from!

Take a look at what we at Motive Travel have put together for this year’s event. Get in touch with us today to secure your ticket and avoid FOMO!



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