Take the Plunge!

Did you know that last year Exmouth attracted some 32000 visitors to see the magnificent Whale Sharks in this area !?!

Our boss George told us that he needed a “much deserved” break with his wife, Rita because apparently he’s “been working so hard”.  So they decided to go and see what all the fuss was about and off to Exmouth they went.  He has been bragging ever since about how good it is, along with sending us the odd photo or two.

Coincidentally one of our staff Jessica – who actually DID earn a well-deserved break, was visiting the area at the same time.

On Tuesday Jess & Rita got to experience the amazing opportunity to dive with these majestic whale sharks.  Here’s a photo of them on the boat just before they took the plunge.

Along with taking in some of the best sights that Exmouth has to offer, George and Rita have also visited Coral Bay.  They enjoyed a private inspection of the breathtaking Sal Salis Resort, which is perched on the shores off the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.

Fortunately we can do without him for now, but when he gets back in the office on Thursday, we will put him hard at work to create some exciting Exmouth packages for you to consider for the end of the high season.

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Cheers for now from the Motive Travel Team….



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