The Italian Job: Why should you visit Rome with Motive Travel?


Just the name of the Italian capital alone is enough to conjure thoughts of a rich history, fine cuisine, and an intriguing culture. Few other European cities capture the imagination in the way that Rome does, which is why we at Motive Travel now offer fine Roman apartments for our customers to stay while they explore this fascinating place. With accommodation to suit every budget, we believe that every Australian should have the opportunity to experience Rome, and now you can, too. Join us for a whistle-stop tour of ‘Old Roma’ to see for yourself why a wander around the city is a real treat for the senses – all five of them!

Relax and recline, with good food and wine

We’re betting that wherever you’re from in the world, there is an Italian restaurant somewhere in the vicinity. There’s a reason that Italian cuisine is so popular – it’s mouthwateringly delicious, nutritious, and hugely eclectic in style. Sure, there are some excellent Italian restaurants to be found outside the country itself, but never forget that famous old adage – ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

Never forget that famous old adage – ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

No Italian eatery on the planet can compare to those at home in Rome, and though you’ll likely be familiar with many of their offerings – pizza, pasta and the like – nothing can prepare your tastebuds for the authentic explosion of Italian flavour you get with each mouthful. Then, of course, we come to that fine Italian wine – Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont are regarded are regarded by connoisseurs as some of the best wine regions on the planet, so you’ll never be short of a pleasant drop. Round off your meal with a spot of exquisite gelato (fancy ice cream) or a finely crafted espresso – after all, this is the land of coffee!

Become a culture vulture

The Colosseum. St. Peter’s Square. The Spanish Steps. Even the Stadio Olimpico is bathed in culture, which is perhaps of little surprise when you consider that a whopping 12 of Italy’s 45 UNESCO World Heritage sites are found in the capital. Add into the mix the countless art galleries, museums and historic architecture that makes up the fabric of the city, and you have a wonderful melting pot of culture that permeates the very essence of the city. Indeed, it is said two-thirds of the world’s great art masterpieces are found in Italy, and half of these are in Rome.

So many differing styles of architecture have been applied to the city since its founding in 753 B.C. – remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – that’s it’s impossible to come away from the place without the makeup of the buildings imprinted indelibly on your mind. Simply wandering through these streets of a late summer’s evening will bring out Rome’s unique character – each ancient street, cobbled alleyway or public square has its own stories to tell. You can almost hear the ghosts of the past whispering in your ear as you explore…

Take a history lesson

It’s said that Italy has a ‘fatal spell’ that continues to attract travellers back to its shores time and again. Another famous saying is that ‘all roads lead to Rome’ which is particularly resonant as, well, they used to (at back in the heady days of the Roman Empire). It was this Empire that acted as the cornerstone for Western civilisation as we know it, and the city is a living, breathing history book that no university lecture hall or school classroom can better.

The city is a living, breathing history book that no university lecture hall or school classroom can better.

There are buildings in Rome hundreds – nay, thousands of years old to discover. It’s well worth your time going on a guided tour which will take you to some of the most significant areas, but there’s nothing to stop you donning your walking shoes and heading out by yourself. One thing we will say – be sure that your camera has a full battery and on empty memory card, because it’s going to be bursting at its silicon seams by the time you’re done!

Motive Travel – your accommodation station

Okay, so you’ve put together an itinerary of thing to see, eat and do when in Rome. You’ve pencilled in a flight date, and you’ve even started packing (unheard of, we know!). All that’s left to do is figure out where you’re going to stay, but with Motive Travel, you can remove this potentially stressful conundrum with simple ease. This is because we’ve partnered up with Unica Property Management Group, who look after several unique apartments across Rome. Whether you’re looking for a larger place with enough room for the entire family, or a smaller, intimate apartment for a romantic fortnight away, we’re sure to have something perfect for your needs.

As we previously said, all roads lead to Rome – even the ones that require jumping on an airliner! Be sure to get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Motive Travel to get your Roman adventure off the ground – don’t forget your toga!



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