Two tremendous hats from the past Royal Ascot meetings

The Royal Ascot. Just the mere mention of this famous meeting conjures images of the pomp and the pageantry, fantastic formalwear and some of the world's best horses battling it out for supremacy. However, there is one tradition that rises above any other when thinking of the Royal Ascot – the headwear on display.

The First Day of the meeting – which you can attend with Motive Travel – is one where the fashion stakes go into overdrive in this quiet corner of Berkshire. From elegant, tasteful hats, to extravagant, elaborate and downright delectable efforts as far as the eye can see (even with binoculars), the headwear on show is worth the price of admission alone. Here are two of our favourite hats from years gone by.   

A butterfly beauty

Wow! Well, we told you that they were extravagant! This lady has gone for a rich red design to match her elegant dress, but it's not only the colour of the piece that really stands out. Rather, it's the intricate disc of the hat that gradually transforms into an expertly woven array of fine red roses that cascade down the wearer's face, a cornucopia of flowers that give the appearance of a well-kept garden. That's not all, though – butterflies, nature's winged beauties also take up residence in the hat, adding a finishing touch to a headpiece that would not be out of place in a traditional English garden.

A photo posted by What A Hat (@whatahat1) on

Jun 18, 2016 at 1:39pm PDT

Peacock perfection

Take a leisurely walk around any stately home or park in England, and you're likely to come across a peacock or two. These fine fellows really know how to turn on the style, their colourful plumage and striking trains (what you might call their tail) designed to impress and attract mates.

While we wouldn't like to speculate as to whether or not the lady in this picture is trying to attract a mate, she's certainly taking her inspiration from our feathered friends. This hat takes the form of the stunning bird, replete with eye-catching details on the feathers and plumage as a whole. It's a daring, exciting hat that is bound to turn heads on race day – but will it snare the wearer a mate?

A photo posted by Leanne Summers (@fragbert_) on

Jun 17, 2016 at 2:08am PDT

We at Motive Travel are heading over to the First Day of the Royal Ascot in 2017, and we'd love you to come with us. The package also incorporates a whole host of other activities, from visiting nearby Windsor Castle, to a tour of London. Contact our friendly team to find out more – and don't forget your hat!



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