Our Suppliers

At Motive Travel we endeavour to align ourselves with suppliers who are able to provide us and our clients with the best travel products and technological solutions.  However, we have no allegiances or agreements with airlines, card companies, technology providers or other travel suppliers which would preclude us from recommending to you those services which are most appropriate for your travellers or cost-efficient for your company.

We are governed by client requirements, not the amount of retained earnings we achieve.

We are highly regarded by many of our suppliers and our affiliation with the Helloworld Travel group maximises the potential of our negotiating power on behalf our entire client base.


“Motive Travel is a highly respected company in our industry, with over 40 years of operation in WA.  They are* one of our 10 Qantas Platinum Agents in WA, rewarding their status as a leading travel agency and supporter of Qantas.  This recognition is only given by Qantas to its top 100 independent travel agents in Australia.  Motive Travel have always been professional and conducted their business with Qantas with upmost integrity.”

Qantas Airways
Ian Gay, former Regional General Manager WA & NT

*Our Qantas Platinum status is reviewed every year and may change according to traveller preferences for other national carriers.

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