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Here at Motive Travel, we’ve built a great reputation for providing exceptional travel packages with regards to both sports and all manner of different events. We’ve taken our customers all around Australia, but have also ventured much further afield, such as the United States for the Kentucky Derby, and Great Britain for the Royal Ascot.

It’s not all about sport…

Though sports are the main name of Motive Travel’s game, we’ve transported our customers to all kinds of places and occasions. Music festivals, such as the annual Leeuwin Estate Concert, are always a popular choice, as are arts gatherings, cultural tours, and special interest tours to just about anywhere. If we can take you there then we will – we very rarely discriminate!

When you come to us with an idea as to where you want to go, what you want to do and how many of your friends and family you want to take along, leave it to us to arrange things from then on. One of our greatest strengths lies in travel management; right here in Western Australia, the rest of the country and indeed, overseas. Maybe you’re in charge of a business and are looking to give your staff a little further encouragement in reaching their goals or to keep them motivated – our sports and event-based incentive travel programs could be right up your street!

Choices, choices…

As we mentioned, our events and sports packages are hugely varied.  Have a look at our Sports and Events drop-down menu above or our Sports Calendar for our latest packages. Tours to any AFL games are always big draws, as are extended trips to a selection of Australia’s marquee horse races. Rugby and cricket – two staples of Australian sport – are also perennial favourites, with golf, tennis and motorsport also attracting their fair share of takers.

A concrete reputation

Additionally, Motive also manages the travel requirements of several sporting teams and individuals alike, whether they are roaming domestically or looking to venture across the planet. Because we have carefully built up long-lasting, fruitful relationships with a great many customers over the years, we at Motive are always the first that they turn to when it comes to arranging another trip.

Take a look at the following list of grassroots, casual and professional sports associations that we are connected with in some way; whether it’s to provide travel services or sponsorship, we’re proud to be associated with them!

What’s more, we are extremely proud that we won the bid to be the Exclusive Travel Partner for the Perth 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships. Whilst the event is done and dusted now, we’ll never forget welcoming lots of visitors to Perth for this fantastic event, and seeing some experienced Western Australia athletes step up to the mark!

As you can see, we love our sports and events here at Motive Travel so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any sports and events enquiry you may have.


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