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Important Qantas Perth Airport Update

Sometimes, very important airport changes may fly under the radar for many travellers so I thought it timely to let you all know of this important change to Qantas flights to and from Perth.

All Qantas operated flights, both international and domestic, now operate from the Terminal 3/4 (T3/T4) airport precinct at Perth Airport.  This change took effect from the 24th of March, 2018.

Have a look at Qantas’s guide to Perth Airport here.

All other international airlines, including Jetstar international flights and Qantas codeshare flights operated by other airlines operate from Terminal 1 (T1) at Perth Airport.  (Note, codeshare flights normally have a 4 digit number – e.g. QF8425 is an Emirates operated flight departing Terminal 1.)

Jetstar domestic flights operate from the Terminal 3/4 (T3/T4) airport precinct at Perth Airport.

Have a look at Perth Airport’s terminal guide here.

What’s important about this change?  Well, Perth Terminal 3/4 is physically separated from Terminal 1 by a 15 minute drive and no air-side transfer facility is currently available.  If you’re transferring between these two terminals, be sure to allow yourself plenty of transfer time.

This also means that international transiting passengers connecting between a non-Qantas international flight arriving/departing Terminal 1 (T1) and a Qantas flight arriving/departing Terminal 3/4 (T3/T4) will be required to have a visa or electronic travel authority (ETA) where applicable.

Online check-in and seat selection is now available for Qantas bookings between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to flight departure.  Check-in from home, the office or anywhere that you can access the internet and a printer.  See the Qantas website for further details.

Passengers travelling domestically between Perth and Melbourne on Qantas Airways flights QF9 or QF10, please ensure you carry valid photo identification, (preferably your passport), and check-in a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure.

You can check-in for Qantas domestic flights at the self-serve kiosks located in the departure area before security.  If you’re travelling with bags, you can print bag tags before dropping them off at the bag drop kiosk.

This information was correct at time of posting but is subject to change without notice so always check airport terminal departure information well beforehand!

Remember, you can contact us for clarification on the above or for any travel advice!

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