Motive Travel and The Fathering Project: A happy new partnership

Do you remember spending quality time with your father when you were a child? Some of us may have fond memories of attending the footy together, or perhaps practising our bowl with a cricket ball.

Some may hold dear memories of long-gone holidays, or perhaps of being taught how to shave as a teenager. Maybe you remember being pushed along on a bicycle for the first time without stabilisers – scary, but we’d always feel that reassuring, firm hand on our shoulder that prevented us from taking a tumble.

The Fathering Project wants to make dads better at what they do, so that their children can have a better future.

Some of us, though, will harbour less-than-positive memories of our dads as we look back in time. Perhaps he just wasn’t there at all. Maybe he was only a fleeting influence in your life, for some reason or another, and you were raised solely by your mother or another close family member.

Motive Travel and The Fathering Project

However you remember your father, or father figure as you were growing up, a new initiative named ‘The Fathering Project’ aims to instil a sense of importance and self-worth in today’s modern dads.

This noble cause looks to give fathers with children aged between five and 12 the tools they need to further engage with their kids through exciting activities and events, with an ambitious overall aim of making sure that each and every child in our country has a great father, or father figure in their lives. In short, The Fathering Project wants to make dads better at what they do, so that their children can have a better future.

We at Motive Travel are proud to announce that we have recently struck up a partnership with The Fathering Project, one that we hope will be long and meaningful. Read on to find out what we are hoping the partnership will bring!

Sport is a great way for fathers to bond with their children.Sport is a great way for fathers to bond with their children.

Designed for dads and children, for their children

In short, during 2016, ourselves and The Fathering Project will be organising, promoting and carrying out enriching, worthwhile and educational activities for fathers, father figures and their children throughout the year. These experiences will whip the travelling parties off to such enchanting places as Singapore, Melbourne and Kimberly, for a fun-filled few days of bonding, laughing and just spending good, old-fashioned quality time together.

These trips could take the form of a day’s fishing on the lake, taking in the excitement of an AFL game, or a trip to the zoo – there will even be spare time for Dad and their child to pick their own activity, or simply spend time talking.

“A positive partnership to provide great trips and fantastic experiences for fathers and their children,” remarked Colin West, Schools Manager of The Fathering Project. We’re inclined to agree!

Keep an eye on both the Motive Travel and The Fathering Project website for more exciting updates over the coming weeks, and be sure to get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about this worthwhile cause. In the meantime, take a look at this video in which a variety of fathers, including former AFL star Steve Hargrave, talk about the importance of being there for your children, always.

April 2016 update – The Fathering Project Dads & Kids Tours 2016 details have been released!  Click here for more info.



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